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Mission Statement:  The AASD World Language Department will instill in our students the importance of responsible, sensitive, and life-long global citizenship through language and cultural competence, connections with other disciplines, and active participation in multilingual communities at home and around the world.
Impact of the Mission:  AASD World Language students will:
  • Value culture.
  • Improve language skills for communication.
  • Be prepared for a future career in the global marketplace.
  • Understand the interrelationship between World Language and other curricular areas.
  • Realize personal interest.
  • Learn about their heritage.
  • Fulfill college entrance requirements and qualify for retroactive credit for many institutions.
  • Apply their knowledge and skills via travel and co-curricular/community opportunities.
 Course Offerings: For the detailed curriculum please click here
French Course Offerings
Middle School                                                                                  High School
Beginning A                                                                                     Beginning A
#2170 /#2180                                                                            Level I #2180

French Beginning B Level 2   #2190

French Intermediate Level 3    #2200

French Adv. A Level 4    #2210

 French Adv. B #2220/AP French Language #2225 /CAPP French*
Semester Courses France d'aujourd'hui  #2240
                                          Le Monde Francophone  #2230
                 *pending board approval
German Course Offerings
Middle School                                                                               High School
Beginning A                                                                                 Beginning A
#2370/#2380                                                                                Level 1 #2380
 German Beginning B Level 2   #2390
German Intermediate Level 3    #2400
German Adv. A Level 4    #2410
German Adv. B Level 5 #2420/AP German Lang. #2425/CAPP German*
 *pending board approval
​ ​
Latin Course Offerings
Latin Beginning A Level I   #2710
Latin Beginning B Level 2   #2720
Latin Intermediate Level 3   #2730
Latin Advanced A Level 4    #2740
​ ​
Spanish Course Offerings
   Middle School                                                        High School
   Beginning A Level 1                                             Beginning A Level 1
#2570/#2580                                                               #2580

Beginning B Level 2    #2590
Intermediate Level 3    #2600
Advanced A Level 4     #2610
For students who are in Adv. A Level 4 2610 class in 2011-2012, there are three possible pathways:
Pathway A
¡Viva España! #2622/Tradiciones y costumbres del mundo hispanohablante #2623
Un Viaje por las Américas #2621/Misterios de los Mayas, Incas y Aztecas #2624
AP Spanish Language #2620/CAPP Spanish 248
Pathway B:
¡Viva España! #2622/Tradiciones y costumbres del mundo
hispanohablante #2623
 AP Spanish Language #2620/CAPP Spanish 248
Un Viaje por las Américas #2621/Misterios de los Mayas, Incas y Aztecas #2624
Pathway C:
AP Spanish Language #2620/CAPP Spanish 248
¡Viva España! #2622/Tradiciones y costumbres del mundo hispanohablante #2623

Spanish for Spanish Speakers-for native speakers of Spanish #2500




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